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Lin Sutherland is an explorer and adventurer with an ability to hunt an interesting story. On location she climbs mountains, delves beneath the surface and accesses sometimes remote and visually stunning parts of the world, taking the audience on an epic voyage of discovery.
Comfortable in any environment from five star to no star, Lin's ambition is to help people understand the importance of how the world ticks and work out strategies to lead a changing world in a positive direction.
Lin has been working in the natural world for 15 years. From scuba diving instructor, photo journalist, TV Presenter, film maker & adventurer, Lin can wear many hats.
Lin has worked in conservation for the last 15 years through media and films, educating the public on the value of the world’s natural wildlife and environmental assets. Lin is also an accomplished producer with titles like Salty Love, The Living Graveyard, Land of the Giants, Crater of Life, Roar of the Wild and is currently in her second season of her new TV series Travel Wild.
Through Lin’s vision the natural world comes to life. From her love for animals, culture, travel and the environment, people can deeper understand the wonderful world we live in.
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Travel Wild Season 2 on Discovery HD Asia Air Dates
1- 5/22 @ 2400 - Mexico Riviera
2- 5/22 @ 2430 - New Zealand 1
3- 5/29 @ 2400 - Palau Paradise
4- 5/29 @ 2430 - PNG Culture
5- 6/5 @ 2400 - Sustainable Huatulco
6- 6/5 @ 2430 - Antarctica 1
7- 6/12 @ 2400 - Antarctica 2
8- 6/12 @ 2430 - Great Barrier Reef
9- 6/19 @ 2400 - New Zealand 2
10- 6/19 @ 2430 - Mexico Hasciendas
11- 6/26 @ 2400 - Fraser Island
12- 6/26 @ 2430 - Maldives

13 - 7/3 @ 2430 - Australian Wildlife